When the Wakatime Extension gets installed in Visual Studio Code, it does not extract the Wakatime CLI. This guide is how to have it use the Wakatime that is installed in NixOS.

Note: This explains how to get it working without using the official NixOS method of installing extensions for VS Code.

Install Wakatime in NixOS

First, install Wakatime in NixOS:

nix-env -i wakatime

Make a note of the /nix/store location for the bin/wakatime file, as we will use it later on.

Find Wakatime Extension Location

Now you must find the location of run the wakatime-cli executable for the extension. Ctrl + Shift + I (Help -> Toggle Developer Tools). It will have errors that have EONET in it and spawn errors. Look for the path where it’s trying to launch from, in my instance, it’s ~/.vscode/extensions/wakatime.vscode-wakatime-4.0.0/wakatime-cli.

I had to create the wakatime-cli directory in wakatime.vscode-wakatime-4.0.0 and then do a symbolic link to where nix-env command installed it.

This is an example of the command I used (be sure to change the nix store and Wakatime Extension location if different):

ln -s /nix/store/zjzh8fh8gcdlkvaj6i5wpcbd9jki2fj9-wakatime-13.0.7/bin/wakatime ~/.vscode/extensions/wakatime.vscode-wakatime-4.0.0/wakatime-cli/wakatime-cli

If you forgot to grab the /nix/store location for Wakatime, you will need to go into the nix repl and do a search query for it:

nix repl
:l <nixpkgs>


Each time the Wakatime Extension upgrades to a new version, you may have to repeat the same process.